All Halo Reach Boosting Methods+cR Farming+Easy cR

[size=25]NOT MY POST! ITS BY LATESTLEECH And all other tutorials in this post have been credited to whoever submitted them to latestleech![/size]Hey XboxMB community! This is my guide to getting ALOT of cR using many different techniques some submitted by me and some by our very own community.
If you have a good way of getting cR send me a message of it step by step and I will post it in the thread with your name credited. Remember to look at A Message From Me!
Remember to thank the topic if this helped…+rep if this really helped. (thanks is very appreciated)

                [size=30]*A Message From Me*[/size] 

Warning! They are having a BIG ban wave to all who have boosted! Do the boosting method at your on risk of being ban! Thy will reset all cR and take away rank then you cant get cR for 24 hrs! All exploits or any other cheating way of getting quick cR will get you banned if you do it!

[size=25][b]Rules of Thread

  1. Dont send me a tutorial if already posted

  2. No Flaming…yes there have been other threads about some of these tuts…

  3. No Spamming

  4. Only one " Thank You" is necessary

  5. Use real english so we all can understand you!

  6. No advertising of anything![/b][/size]

                Score Attack Method 

[details=Open Me]1. Go to matchmaking
2. Scroll down to Cooperative
3. Click on score attack…not firefight! it does make a difference!
4. when qued up it will give you 3 different types of scoreattacks to chose from
a. Regular scoreattack
b. crash site
c. and gruntpocalypse
5. You will want to click on gruntpocalypse.
6. When choosing your class i suggest you use the armorlock class.
My reason being is that the skull catch is on wich makes grunts through ALOT of plasma gernades and armorlock will save your life alot!
7. When your game is done you usually get around 1,000-2000 credits a game depending how well you played, if you got any acomadations, and the types of kills you get (headshots, stickys, ect.)
8. Good luck racking up cR!

  • When playing always camp near ammo crates
  • Use armor lock ability as a class…it will save your life!
  • Get headshots on the grunts!
  • always take out the higher ranking grunts…this will make the rest of the grunts scatter in fear. Muahahahahah.
  • Champion grunts ( the white ones with helmets) take two shots to kill, one to take the helmet off and other to finish him.
  • You have only 10 lives…use them wisely!
  • Watch your back! Grunts tend to be sneaky >.<
  • Finish off with extra time! There is a time bonus!

Btw this will get boring after a while so another great cR gaining thing is to play campaign on heroic with some gold skulls on!

Hope i helped!


If you have another way of getting cR that is good message me on TTG telling me and ill put it in the guide and i will credit you.
No reason of taking your cR haha get it :smiley:

EDIT I will update the thread if it gets popular :smiley:
Remeber to thank the topic if this helped!

ONI: Sword Base Trick

[details=Open Me]Update For ONI:SwordBase Tut
Warning: Banning for this

Go on Campian
then Heroic
Then ONI Sword Base
Then put scoring ON.
Now run down to where the Target Locater is an wait till you get a Check Point
Now shoot the Coverant and you will get like a Killionair
Now Save and Quite a Restart the Mission
Rinse and Repete till 74cR Every time.

Credit goes to Prefire and Smileyyy![/details]

Do all your daily challenges! There are very easy challenges like this one:

Open Me

Just do firefight for ones like these! In Scoreattack just do gruntpocalypse and you get 100+ kills a game!
Challenge Reset Glitch

[details=Open Me]1. Get 99% on a challange
For example … Get 124 multiplayer kills…

  1. Now when the challange unlocks pull out your internet … eternet cable or wireless adapter.

  2. It will say disconnected. Plug in adaptar or enthernet cable back in.

  3. Connect back to xbox

  4. Now you still have the cR reward from the challenge but it will still be 99% done

  5. Repeat this for abit…dont do past 60k or you run the risk of cR ban (cant get cR for 24 hrs) or cR reset

Hope it helps!

Challenge Reset Glitch Video!
Made by ammo950
Video for this method!
In this TUT I will show you how to get more than 60,000 Cr in less than 1 HOUR!

Warning: If you glitch over 60k you run the risk of getting cR banned( cant get cR for 24 hours) and cR reset
Tut made by Ammo950! Thank him! Credit goes to him!

So far me and the community have not found any new ways of getting good cR.
If you do find a new way send me a little tut of it with a name and don’t worry your name will be credited!

`~LatestLeech :roll:

This is some commendation boosting method. Thanks Shibbi88079 for giving me the link!
not sure if banning

Heres the instructions to it.

[details=Open Me]Mission: Winter Contingency
Skulls: None
Difficulty: Heroic or Legendary (Must be one of these or won’t work)
Scoring: Free For All (Important)

Once you kill the final elite, it will tell you to activate the beacon. After you do this it will put you into black screen… After a second or so press start and save and quit. It will give you the credits you earned for the mission then it will load up again. Resume solo campaign and it should show up black screen with a skip button on the top left of your screen. If this shows up then you have done it correctly ( if it puts you back from your last checkpoint then you didn’t wait long enough before you quit out ) it will boost up your Demon and Flawless Cowboy commendation. This is an easy way to earn quick cr and rank up

It does not matter if you die getting to the spot where i am in the video but you must press start 1-2 seconds after you activate the beacon… It may not work the first time you do it and when you resume it may make you kill the guys from the checkpoint. Just make sure you wait a little longer before you press start and save and quit.[/details]


[details=Open Me]1. Go on Halo Reach

  1. Go to matchmaking

  2. choose firefight then start searching

  3. Then put something where it holds your analog stick up

  4. The game will end in 5-7 minutes

  5. Then it will find you a new game

  6. You get 450cr every game


I dont know if you get banned for this! Sorry!
Do at your own risk
Credit goes to

~ TTG_RsB for finding [/details]

Well as you all know there is a new xbox modding program called Horizon.

Download it at

For this you must have diamond!(its like gold)

  • Once i figure out how to put the modded profile on to the xbox ill post it…or if anyone could make a nice little tut *
  1. Sign in as your XBOXMB account

  2. Click Profile mods

  3. Click Halo Reach cR editor

You must have got yuor profile off the xbox onto your computer to do this step

  1. Open–> (Account should be on desktop) click on the account file

  2. Now enter ammount of cR you want ( Dont put too much you may get banned )

  3. Click save

  • Now here is were i need to find out how to get it back on the xbox lol*

Ill post pics and links of what you need when I get home!

Thanks! and remeber if one of you have a tut on this send to me I will credit you!

This all has been posted before.

Not all of it. The other person’s thread doesnt have this much

Same things, not the videos tho… But i see this as useless.

Why? It helps the people ad it has alot of methods

i have saw ALL of those before… i see this as repost.

he said that up in his post

Just to let everyone know I got reset in Halo Reach for boosting…I don’t recommend it

Me too ): It sucks that’s why I quit to play cod4

we know you can get reset

When is the “Ban wave” happening?

well all my halo reach achievements wont show?
i try to view them and it says your achievements will appear here then when i try to open it in le fluffie or horizon it wont show it just says error and wont show anything so someone help me ples

They happen at random times.

Ahhh did you get my PM?

Yeah i’ll add it later, most people know it but IDK if it’s included in the psot already

Update For ONI:SwordBase Tut
Warning: Banning for this

since when is this? and is there any proof? i hope not :anguished:

They are not banning for this Campaign credit farming

I quit for the ban…

thanks sippin…i didn’t think so cuz they said they werent banning for playing your favorite camapign checkpoint…but in his tut he said they are banning for it…guess not

good post