Bonus: [How-to] Bypass the fileserve captcha quick and easy!

Sign up as many times as you like!

  1. Sign up at: CaptchaTrader - Users

  2. You need a real e-mail.

  3. Heres a video tut on how to do it:

P.s: You get 100 credits to start and its takes off 5 credits a download. You get 7 credits in the Earn Credits tab for typing in a captcha.
And remember its as easy as 1,2,3

Download jDownloader here: jDownloader - Download - jdownloader.com

None of these games are mine so a BIG THANKS to Ecko3351,DarkLG, and Bigcmty91!

There’s over 28 Games in Ecko3351.

Here’s Ecko3351’s Games On Demand:

There’s over 7 Games on Demand and 6 Arcade games in DarkLG.

Here’s DarkLG’s Games On Demand:
DarkLG’s Games On Demand

There’s over 9 Games on Demand in Bigcmty91.

Here’s Bigcmty91’s Games On Demand:
Bigcmty91’s Games On Demand

After you get the game’s you wanted here’s a tut on how to put in on your HDD.


  1. Download the files and extract them them.
  2. Open Xport 360 or Whatever you want to use and insert profile folder into content folder.
  3. Then insert game folder into the 0000000000000000 folder.
  4. Start your Xbox 360 and Go to arcade section.
  5. Then sign in using the guide button to the modded profile.
  6. When signing into the modded profile keep tapping Y.
  7. Run the game.
  8. Its gonna say Sign in or Dashboard click Sign in and sign into the modded profile again and tap Y again.
  9. Once your sign in again sign out and sign into your main profile and then your set to go!

NOTE: You need to repeat this every time you want to play a game and you need to be on live.

EXTREMELY against the rules! warez

We do not allow warez here, sorry!


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Lol, Captcha.Trader actually got big… I remember when it was a little thing for a Lockerz Program.

Someone ban this kid… this is still warez i believe. links leading to 360iso