All mods are last updated in 2022? Where to find current ones?

I’m checking various games I have own, all trainers are last updated a year ago. Where can I find current trainers? Minecraft Dungeons, Craft the World, dwarf fortress, etc.

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The only time a trainer needs updates is when the game gets an update. There’s no other reason why a trainer would need updating.

But saying that, trainers do not always need updates when the game is updated. Sometimes they still work fine. Small bug patches in games for example won’t always need the trainer to be updated.

As for the examples you gave:

  • Minecraft Dungeons. The game’s last update was late 2022. Mojang has abandoned the game and made it clear in multiple press releases and social posts that it will not be updated anymore.

  • Craft The World was only updated yesterday. Since it is not a AAA game, it is extremely unlikely to gain enough democratic interest in an update after just one day.

  • Dwarf Fortress. Their last update was just a bug patch and a compatibility patch for Linux (WeMod does not support Linux). Their next update is not planned until April 2024.

See how updates work here: Game Queue