All of my games disappeared?

the My Games tab that shows the cheat tables for the games i own has nothing in it. i cant search anything either… what gives

Go to popular or latest tab then choose the game you like.

If you can’t see any games there either, your cache is corrupted. Use icdv tool - ICDV2.bat - to clear it.

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all that is gibberish to me… :c I tried to reinstall it but that doesnt work. I saw on another post similar to mine that you have to go through the file browser and get rid of the files after using the control panel to uninstall Infinity, but when I go to C:/users/My User name/ there is no File titled “AppData”. Im so lost on how to fix this.

The appdata folder likes to hide itself. You can go to it by typing in %appdata% in the address bar. Just keep in mind that my tool deletes the infinity folders in appdata roaming.

Which is why i suggested the icdv tool.

Reinstalling will not wipe out your old data, @frank a clear cache option in infinity might be useful?

u tried doing a reinstall ? try this link:

follow the suggestion posted by @nick_666 over here. do a manual remove of all appdata folders, and reinstall the tool

u should check this latest topic as well:

Thank you that worked! My Appdata file was hiding and “%appdata%” search worked. Thank you all im sorry im not that tech savvy but i picked up on some stuff for future problems.

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i’m glad the above suggestion worked for you. no need to feel sorry btw,

enjoy gaming.:slight_smile: