Already came across a level 50 lol

just started the game and after about 10 mins of making the best emblem ever, i decided to go to multiplayer and try it out. me personally, i hate the cod engine. never liked it. just never felt good, but apparently someone does and he’s already a 50 :laughing:

his gamertag is SixOne if anyone wants to look it up. game hasn’t been leaked for 24 hours yet

I personally think the menu on this game looks rushed and complete ****.

Anyone know if you need a bypass to get on this game with a RGH?

Lmfao I believe it.

lol xp mods are out thats why

I hope they’re not surprised their game is hacked already. After all, all they did was rise and repeat MW3 and looked at other games for something “new”.

They gonna reset the leaderboards anyways

Must’ve had a sh**load of those XP bonus codes. Don’t see why anyone would want to rush to max rank, anyway.