Alternative to sliders on Mobile App

I just tried the WeMod android app while playing Armello.

For this game there is a mod to adjust some ingame stats using numeric sliders from 0 to an quite insane high number. For me only values between 0-15 are of interest.
It is quite a riddle to position the slider on positions this low on the PC, while still having hotkeys to increase/decrease by just 1.
On Android there seem to be not more than 3 pixels in the slider range between 0 and 15, so it is really annoying to get any value in the desired range.

I understand that adding additional -/+ buttons is not a solution because of the limited screen size on mobile phones. But what do you think about adding e.g. a right-floated toggle button that switches between the slider and a basic " [ - ] value [ + ] " component? Would that be an option?

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I would like to go on record as seconding this improvement to the app. However, I don’t know if the slider is directly linked to the range given in the desktop trainer itself so for all I know it could be impossible to change only one side of things.