Am I in big time trouble?

So, I unlocked this achievement recently using Horizon which has been classified as unobtainable on TrueAchievements. I unlocked it after it was deemed unobtainable. Many other people on TrueAchievements also did it. Rock band 3 confirmed it is unobtainable on their Twitter here:

Here’s the link to the achievement I unlocked:

Am I in big time trouble for this? Please tell me the way to best hide it from Microsoft and others and DRASTICALLY reduce my chances of getting banned/reset because I really don’t want to lose my account or gamerscore. How do I hide this error now?

Delete your TA account so they can’t track you anymore and put your game history on off or for friends only.

I’m not on TrueAchievements.

If you’ve been online since you’ve unlocked the achievement, than it will have most likely synced in which case there would be nothing you can.

It can be a possible red flag but if it was only once I wouldn’t worry too much.

Also I hate that achievement, was so buggy even when you could do it legit. Can’t remember if I did end up getting it or not…

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