Am I the only one who thinks they should do this?

A tony hawk pro skater remastered edition? I’m not talking about the one they did earlier. That one was a rip off. I’m talking how they are doing with halo and putting them all on a disc, except do this with tony hawk 1-4 (wouldn’t mind underground through wasteland either haha) and keep the full game, same skaters, and maybe add some of the heavy hitters from today just so other kids would actually know some of them :laughing:

I would love to be collecting combo again or skating in a hanger like how it was back in the day!!

Yes definitely, but also add Tony Hawk’s Project 8 because that game is amazing!

They need to do a remaster of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX as well.

While we’re at it why don’t they remaster Tomba!

Nope, Eff Tony Hawk.
Bring Back Skate 1…

nahh, skate is too new. the tony hawk games need a remaster for how old they are

that would be so badass, especially if they remastered Tony Hawk 2! maybe change the music a bit or just add a bunch of new background songs… sadly tho not sure if the series has enough cult following to warrant them doing this, i mean they’re obviously not going to do it just for a small handfull of fans like us.

omg dude i love that game it is soo cool
undergroind brings back memories
wasteland my first xbox game
:anguished: i lost it it was a good GAME

Even though this is a few weeks old, They did come out with a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1/2 HD version on Xbox. Its in the arcade section

wow everybody