Am I Your Daddy? Sprung!

Hahah I was going through my e-mails and I came across a e-mail claiming that it was one of my “old female friends from school”. I clicked on it and it was a lengthy letter asking me things like “How am I going?” and " I herd your a Youtuber/Twitch Star" I was very suspicious of it. I kept reading and she claimed that we had a “One Night Stand” at a friends party back in December 2017. I read to the end and a picture was below of a unborn child in a stomach that was about 5 weeks in term. I went through my mind of that night and I remember not hooking up with anyone because of the fact I was homeless in 2017 because of my ex friend’s kicking me out at Christmas time, I had no money and no transport at the time and I never went to any “Party” because of lack of funds/transport and accommodation. I was pretty much trying to find a home to live in and get my vehicle back on the road so I can travel to and from work easier. I then noticed she said we had a “One Night Stand in 2017” I remember only having a christmas party with my ex friends and we didn’t even have funds at the time to even get any booze, so it was a sober christmas, I never hooked up with anyone and they sent this “e-mail” yesterday…so if my maths correct wouldn’t that mean that the “unborn baby” is 239 days old… which would be in your 5th week of pregnancy… not possible because on 25th Dec 2017 you would of still been on 5th week of being into your pregnancy… they attached a doc file to the e-mail and claiming that this is your baby, it has been tested and your 100% positive. If that’s not bad enough I scanned it in my anti-virus app and came up as 22 Trojan files within that Doc File. Good try fella’s good try…your’ve been sprung!

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