Amazing follower tweaks on the xbox 360

ive seen youtube videos that show people using the “amazing follower tweaks” mod on an xbox and im highly envious… i was told frequently to come here to find out how.

ill post the youtube video of the person using these mods and such for reference

(by the way, this is my first post here, so feel free to tell me in detail how ive done it wrong, put it in the wrong place or what have you. ill be quick to agree with you)

They are on a modified Xbox 360 that can run unsigned code, and that would allow them to run mods.
From what I remember (and I haven’t looked at this in depth in years) you have to use a copy of the Xbox 360 SDK in order to repackage the mods into a LIVE file.

A standard Xbox 360 is unable to run “custom” LIVE files, as they run a check for a key of sorts. No one has ever been able to crack that, and so stock consoles have never been able to run unsigned code. Depending on the update of your Xbox 360, you can modify (would require soldering tools) your console. It would be easier to just buy one of these JTAGs off of someone though.

Here’s the forum for all JTAG tutorials to find out what you need to do.

ty. my xbox is currently un modded… im cosidering doing it. i dont play multiplayer much (people are rude to female gamers on LIVE)

Ah, ok.

If your Xbox is not able to be jtag’d and you are going to do it yourself, then ebay sometimes has consoles that have an update that can be exploited. Alternative would be to just buy a pre-modded system and you can find sellers off of The Tech Game or Se7enSins.

bleh my xbox is fairly new… maybe 3 yrs old, black slimish… can it be modded?

Follow what it says in this topic.

read it… not sure i understood… does my xbox HAVE to be vunerable to a hack to be modded?

Yup, that is correct.

well, rats. so much work for one bloody mod

This is where you need to look into the other options that having a modified console can open up for you such as downloading games for free and running emulators for retro games etc.

to be honest i just want a modded xbox to play skyrim mods. re vamped golden saints, follower mods, ect

Only option then would be to buy a JTAG’d Xbox off of someone then…or just put the money towards a gaming PC.