Amazing Minecraft Xbox 360 Worlds + Download Week 1!

Hey guys, I am starting a new series of amazing minecraft xbox 360 saves, so here it is. :smile:

Music from

I take no credit for this world, just getting it across the community. :smile:


Gotta love the huge wall of tags.

Most def mayne.
That;s how I do :smiley:

Get this on TheTechGame?

No it was on a video of like 7 worlds on here and I decided to use it.

Good find Will, think this will come in handy when i am board. >.<

Ah because at the tech game, they have one thread of alot of maps and i saw this one on there.

There is no point in posting it again.

So I think it’s right to say: Already posted.

Pretty sure it’s not, whole different video, so, yeah.

It’s the exact same. You just made a single video with one save and the other contains seven. You only made this topic to try and get people to view your videos. It’s the exact same it’s the tree house save.

Yeah, the same save, but not the same video, so technically not the same, sir.

It is. There is no point for two topics that contain the same contents to be posted. Just because you made this video does not mean it is the same. The other topic shows the exact same content so therefore it is not different. My point is that this is already posted and doesn’t need to be again. The video shows the same thing (as I have already stated multiple times even though you disagree for some reason…?) and is pointless.

Raz3r is right.

The content is the same.

If you make a video like this put maps on it that nobody on XMB has seen b4.

Save has already been posted no need for another thread.[xbox360]-7-worlds-download.html#post1056703

You waste your time and that of everyone else when you post content that has already been brought to the attention of the community. Look for viewers else where, stocking your youtube channel with copies of videos or cuts of videos that have already been made is not the way to get views my boy. Be original, hunt for the fabled OC and then post good sir.

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You forgot to close the topic…