Amazing trainer

just wanted to say thanks for the best multi trainer i have seen to date. to be honest i was half expecting to have to do a thorough virus search after running the installer. how yall are not more heard of is beyond me, great work. i will be donating tomorrow as i think you deserve it. don’t normally agree with hacking in multi games but i also noticed you keep to co op games. inquisitor martyr kinda brought it on themselves as well with the new update, as the loot SUCKS so bad now i feel forced to use one. played many many missions so far and even ones i had major difficulty spikes with. nothing but blue’s green’s and purple’s. i have gotten maybe 2 relics total while playing. those are the WORST drops i have ever seen playing this game. a bit of an over explanation but felt it necessary. thanks again for a high quality trainer. you deserve it.

Welcome to wemod well usually antivirus does get in the way.
And wemod does not condone or make trainers for multiplayer all trainers are made for singleplayer use
But it is an awsome cheat tool. The best out there.
Thanks if buying pro keeps the place going