Amazing Wallpaper Site, Hi-Res

[i]They have wallpapers.[/i]

Wow. Great site. Bookmarked. :smile:

Nice find! IDK what this is, but it looks cool:


Nice! Thanks for this, my new source for wallpapers.

very nice, but for some reason it looks like another site, has the same browsing system and everything…

Cheater linked me to a couple of these wallpapers and I LoL’d.
Thanks zrueda!

your avatar is hot lol

thanks for the post too this site is awesome!!!

I went there and found some nice wallpapers I liked.
I might try them out.

Great website for backgrounds, already downloaded one! Thanks alot!

I get all of my wallpapers from

Thanks for the site.

Haha, I knew it was this site before I even clicked the thread. How awesome am I not? :wink:

Here is another…

Thanks Dude!!

Thanks for sharing :smile: Gonna get a decent one lol

i like it

Thanks for showing us the website!

Yes very nice site Im just browsing through it now

Epic, They have Bleach backgrounds!!!

ty for the site I love it