Amount of votes needed for updates

So, I’ve been waiting for a stellaris update for quite some time now and its the same with people who play Payday 2.

I’ve looked constantly if the update is coming soon but the votes required seems to get higher every day as if someone is trying to not make the trainers. I know for a fact Payday players have been waiting for months for an update.

If someone could clarify why the votes needed keeps on getting higher, I would be very greatful.

just give up search for one

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The Payday 2 trainer doesn’t need to be updated as everything still works. The voting system is dynamic so it will continue to change as more people vote for updates.

Sad but true. Voting for updates is such BS.

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How can I activate the money and skill cheats? Do I have to start a mission? Or do I have to activate and deactivate the cheats each time?