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An Idea About The Voting System

I like voting for my favorite games to be added to the already amazing list that is provided but I think the big problem is not a lot of people always have money or when they do they can’t spare much for wepoints to be able to purchase votes.

I have an old fashioned idea but you know what they say " old but gold " I say we should take an old idea and make it new, what there should be is an offers system where you can do survives or even buy with your phone some wepoints because everyone pays the phone bill right??

If anyone agrees with this post feel free to say so also add some ideas of how people can get wepoints besides the options we already have.



I like it.

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Thanks STN, I also wanna thank you for the trainers you make they’re really good and you keep them updated af

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Thank you for the feedback/suggestion. Our payment processors does not support pay by phone and there are a lot of issues with pay by phone. The biggest issue is kids doing it without their parents knowing then we have to deal with charge backs. We are already in the midst of reworking the voting system and it should be done soon.

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Personally I liked the old system better where you just asked for a trainer and it was made, I get that this way brings in more money but not everyone has the finances to support this system at the same time, I believe we should have both systems running like you can do the votes for the newer games such as Mortal Kombat 11 but for older games you should be able to just request them and a trainer is made it would bring in a lot more attention, I also believe that the prices for the vote tokens are a little high, nothing wrong with getting money for support but I just believe the system should be a little more justified for people who makes less money then others making a more fair ideal system for everybody to enjoy, the system is good and the idea is good, I just think it could use a little tweaking so everyone can use it.

We’ve always required some type of currency to vote for trainers. Previously you just used WePoints instead of converting them to vote tokens. Having multiple request system would be a logistics nightmare for us. As for the price of vote tokens, you are not required to pay for them. WePoints can be earned through daily/weekly objectives.

As I said in my first reply we are already working on an improved voting system that will make it easier for older games to get trainers made.

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