Android root file managers?

I recently rooted my Galaxy S3 and have been looking for file managers that allow root access and are free. I have tried the top root file managers on the Google Play Store, but they are not what I’m looking for or they are simply not free. I’m specifically trying to get to the data folder, where gamesaves are saved.

Does anyone know of a good root file manager that is also free?

superSU for permissions and root browser for file managing

Just use 4shared to download any app.

Not for apps, want to extract gamesave data too mod for, as the youngin’s say, **** and giggles :p.

I was talking about the “free” part (getting paid apps for free), probably should have pointed that out. But what do you want to do with the save game? If you just want to mod it you could just use gamekiller. Not sure how to extract saves though, since my rooted android got “bricked” a while ago.