Anno 1404 History Edition

I would love an Uplay Version of the Trainer, for me it doesn’t really matter if History Edtion or the old one, but still, a lovely Trainer would be nice.

Bump, would love a trainer for this

it’s for request guys, thanks

can do it for anno 1404 HE or update for classic(Steam and Uplay) with this opitions?

1 - unlimited money or set value
2 - unlimited honor or set value
3 - unlimited resources in warehouses
4 - god mode for ships, troops and buildings
5 - no fleet limits
6 - no army limits
7 - instant creation of ships in the shipyard/troops in the castle

I’m having to use the older Mrantifun standalone trainer and only work on classic game and the History edition does not recognize the game .exe, unfortunately there is no version or trainer for this game on Wemod! (the gog don’t work with steam version! :unamused:)