ANNO 1800 not working after second download from Ubisoft in 3 days

ANNO 1800, still not working after the second download in 3 days from Ubisoft.The buttons slide off and a message says I need Pro to use these buttons. I looked at history the last update was on 3/9/21 when Sky Scrappers was downloaded. Should I uninstall WEMOD and reinstall. TY

Welcome to the community.

Please make sure you check out the official discussion thread for trainers, by pressing the “Discussion” button in the trainer itself. You’ll usually find information in there about current issues. Such as the fact that Anno 1800 was recently updated and therefore we need to wait for the trainer developers to get around to updating the trainer.
See this post: Anno 1800 Cheats and Trainer for Ubisoft - #266.

As for the activation of cheats, you need to use the keyboard hotkeys to activate cheats. They’re displayed on the right-hand side. Additional methods of activating cheat, such as clicking them, using the remote app and using the game bar overlay, are Pro features.