Anno 2070 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

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never heard of this game…

It was top funded :woman_shrugging:

It doesn’t recognize that I have the game on uplay. help!!!


Ok i’ll help , You will have to get the game from steam. It wont work for uplay version

Actually it is for uplay. Point wemod to game exe

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It says steam on the trainer notes
How the hell we supposed to know that when there is a steam symbol in the trainer notes

Oh great did I just waste money on Anno 2070 for steam and it’s for Uplay…Dang it!

Refund it

Nope a easier way to get around it if you purchased it on steam by accident is to use the key they gave you on Uplay and activate it there and it will work

[EDIT] I’m still downloading it now I activate it on steam as well as Uplay I’ll let you know

It shouldn’t matter, trainer will work. Ubisoft wasn’t such a dick in olden times

Ah yes forgot that you can do that.

Yeah it worked I forgot to post I was so into the game :laughing:

WeMod keeps telling me that there are no Trainers for my game Version,
Tryd to link it to the .exe, tells me then that the cheats could nt be loadet in the game. Halp :stuck_out_tongue:

Spam the play key

Nice, thanks :smile:

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Hi, i love your work, but i have Anno 2070 on uplay and i don’t unerstand what i can do to maje it works. Please could you help me ?

What exactly is the problem?

Hey. The Trainer worked well but around 2 days ago it stopped working. Did an update break it? I got the steam version.

Money cheat gave me negative 3.5 million…super helpful lol