Anonymous Hacker trolling on Advanced Warefare #3

Cod players in a

so a kid asks for mods and anonymous takes down the entire towns power-grid?

It’s a prank lol, they don’t actually hack anything. Still funny lol

maybe kids under 9 shouldn’t play M rated games if they cant take someone calling them bad words like puss* lol

I know its a joke but i dislike when the trolling is this obvious. The first video was fun tho.

But isn’t everything in this video fake? Or are the kids just that stupid?

yea but still I know kids who are 9 and play call of duty and cry when someone calls them dumb but I say WTH are u playing M rated game if u cant take someone calling u names

Yea all fake, the kids friends usually set them up.

I’d prefer if games were more strict and no one under 17 were able to play the game online.

Isn’t this another discussion? But i think american kids watches too much violent tv and games in their early age. and then they just repeat what they hear even tho they have no idea what it actually means.

That was great XD