Anonymous message to Lizard Squad

This is getting juicy!

Anyone can make a stupid video with a pic of Guy Fawks and Microsoft Sam voice, doesn’t make it official or whatever.

But I guess a lot of /b/ are gamers so there could be a backlash…

This isn’t even on their official youtube or there website. :stuck_out_tongue:

The video uploader is from a Call of Duty clan, but in fact. Anonymous’s twitter account is following Lizard Squad and like Smiffy stated, alot of them are probably gamers so It would be sweet if the video is real.

How embarrassing for Anonymous if it’s fake though.

The whole point is nothing is official. No leader and no real agenda.

“We are not taking any stance about @LizardPatrol because we don’t care - we don’t have time for video games atm. Sorry. Zero ****s.” Straight from their twitter. This is fake as ****.

Oh, damn. Sorry guys.