Another Borderlands 2 Xbox save file corrupt

Hi everyone,

I was playing borderlands 2 on my xbox tonight, and had to exit, so I went to the dashboard without thinking about saving, and when I came back it told me the save file was corrupt. I had a level 34 siren, and I hate to lose all of the progress I made. I googled the problem which led me here, where I saw some of you say it might be fixable. I know that someone else had a thread about this, but I hated to intrude. I uploaded the save to media fire, and here is the link:


If anyone can help me I will really really appreciate it!

Took a look at it but none of your savegame.sav data is showing up under Horizon, so I couldn’t fix it. Maybe someone else can find a way to help.

Do you think that’s a problem with the save itself (why it is corrupt), or maybe I messed up when uploading it?

It would appear that you must of dashboarded while you hit a checkpoint, It’s crucial you or a friend is not near a checkpoint when trying to dashboard as being by it will force your character to auto save. The best I can do is have you give me a clean siren save and I’ll see what I can do to help you out.

Wow that sucks, I didn’t realize one of us was by a checkpoint. I was level 34 going into Talon of God with all of the side missions done.

Hey guys I Dashboarded out when someone else was saving and my lvl 50 Gunzerker is GONE! I was completely done both playthroughs with him. FRUSTRATION!!!

I managed to figure out how to get my save file onto my PC but I am not a wizard at this stuff. If anyone can restore my save file you i would be so thankful!


unfortunately it looks like your savegame.sav data for this file is missing so I can’t resurrect it though perhaps someone more knowledgeable may be able to save it. Having said that if you want to make a new character and see me the save I’ll mod it so its at l50 with all perks, and wpns if you want.

On a side note dashboarding out when duping or at any time really has been a known cause of corrupted saves since bl1 came out. I wouldn’t recommend you do that under any circumstances.

Good luck.

Thanks for the attempt, If you could create a gunzerker lvl 50 save just with all the story quests completed. no side quests or terramorphous quest done. that would help me out. i dont need any gear

I can’t set any quests as completed. You’d have to play through the story again.

Well I guess that would be better than starting fresh. If there are no issues importing a created game save like that than I would appreciate it if you created a lvl 50 gunzerker for me. If there has been known issues with importing a created character than I would rather just cut my losses and play my 50 commando.

If you already have level 50 characters I can convert the l50 to another character and save it under another save number so it doesn’t over write your previous character. Basically, I’m duping the character, waving a magic wand and saying you’re a gunzerker to the duplicate. Since characters change you’ll lose your skill pts so you’ll need to let me know how many you want added. Guns, shields,stay the same. class mods will of course be useless as its a completely different character. You’ll retain all the progress and missions completed of the initial character.

I don’t know of any issues, but I’m just offering to help. If you’d rather just cut your losses and stay with what you’ve got left that’s cool, it’s less work for me and I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. Good luck

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cool here is a save of my lvl 50 commando. if you have to rename the save file make it Save0006.sav just cause i had made one of each char.

Thanks a million


should be fine. changed the character to gunzerker, gave you a couple of class mods to replace the commando ones, went ahead and raised your stuff to level 50 . let me know if you run into any problems.

You’ll need to rename your save to save0006.sav as I forgot to do that, but it should be set up to save in slot 6. enjoy your game.

I too have this problem, I was wondering if someone could help me, though I do not know how to post a file on the forum…

can someone help me please, my save game is corrupted after my xbox froze

Why don’t you guys just quit out next time then dashboard instead of dashing right away it will keep you from getting your save corrupted.