Another chance for players to receive "High Flyer" Parachute this Week

R* is allowing players to have another chance to receive their “High Flyer” Parachute this week.

The same Event Playlist will be going on for the entire week. If you have yet to get your parachute, now is your last chance. Also receive double RP from the playlist. Remember: The playlist must be completed to receive your parachute. For those of you who don’t know how to join a playlist, while you are loading up the game you should see a prompt that says “Event” with the Y or △ button, corresponding to the platform you play on, press said button and you will be put into an event or pause the game, go to the Online tab, go down to Playlists and select R* Playlists. Just play the event all the way through and when you finish you will receive it. After that, go to Ammu-Nation and claim your reward. Good Luck to all of those entering the playlist. :thumbsup:


Man, how many chances are Rockstar going to give us players a chance to get the chute? We had the original time period, than they extended it because of the problems with XBL, and now this. I guess not a lot of people unlocked the chute/played in the event…