Another WeMod Newbie here

My name is Ian. I live in Luton UK and have just found out about WeMod. I am using it on the Days Gone game on PC that has fast become my favourite for the time being. I hit a wall (not literally) in my game and could not progress any further without losing my patience and breaking something. So to save my sanity (and my pc) I tried WeMod and what a change it has made. I have already finished my first playthrough and have started another to be a completionist and get every single thing. Games that I found impossible to do are now within my capability. And to all those Puritans who shout ‘you cheat!’ who am I hurting? I only use this on solo games and would never consider using cheats to win an online game because THAT is wrong.

In closing, hello fellow WeMod users and keep on gaming.


Hello and welcome to the WeMod Community. Nice to have you here.

Welcome to our community!
WeMod has definitely helped me out with my own games that I never finished before. I’m just a terrible shot ;(

nice to meet you man, im also new to wemod so i know i have a lot to learn off of it