Anti-Cheat Valve Activated in Steam

Hello everyone Wemod community

I’m here to get some information about some steam video games with the anti-cheat valve turned on, as you know in some video games it is activated. Like both video games, I would like to use Wemod on Resident Evil 6 and Dying Light! I know who should not play online with wemod and that I understand perfectly because there are risks. Now, what I would like to know, is there any risk if you play offline by disconnecting from the Steam server and you only play solo with Resident Evil 6 and Dying Light ?

There’s no risk. Play offline and you’re fine.

If I understand well if I play offline with the video game Resident Evil 6 and Dying Light with the anti-cheat valve activated. I will not risk anything to banish myself

VAC only applies to multiplayer servers and as far we know WeMod has never been added to the detection.

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thank you for your reply STN

I understand that VAC only applies to the multiplayer server. So ! I understand well it means that I can play Dying Light in offline and solo mode only without playing with other players.

Ya just click play in wemod and play the game in singleplayer we all use it like that. If its single player no need to even worry bout steam

Thank you for your reply ptondo !

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i always play whit my frends in Dying Light whit wemod i did not get band so im good/happy

in response to chris, does this mean it’s safe to do co-op play with wemod online with friends?

You can play DL online without VAC. There is one option in the settings. Just turn it off. Ive played several hours - COOP & Nighthunter. No ban / No problems.