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Anti virus ( bit defender) reports malicious content in cheat (far cry new dawn)

Can we trust this program if anti virus programs report a problem?

Yes we all have been using wemod for years its completely safe.
Mite need to disable AV tho to get it to work. But it’s safe

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I use and test trainers with this app on my personal computer on almost a daily basis and it’s definitely safe. Most AVs don’t like that the app downloads the trainers after being installed so they flag it as malicious.

You can follow this post to whitelist the correct EXE’s for Bitdefender :slightly_smiling_face:

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In case you want a voice from a random member of the public who isn’t a moderator - yes it’s safe.

AVs will sometimes falsely mark trainers as unsafe purely because of the way that trainers work (altering memory addresses to achieve a desired effect in a running game, such as infinite health). I have been using trainers for years (MrAntiFun before moving here to WeMod) and have never had any malicious issues caused by them. :slight_smile:

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