Any "famous" people on your friendlist?

Just curious if anyone has any famous commentators or actual celebrities as one of their friends. When I played PS3 I had Wings of Redemption and Only Use Me Blade, and would occasionally play with Whiteboy. On Xbox I used to have Joe Lauzon (MMA fighter) and OpTic Diesel, now I have lolitsthad.

Nah never really tried going for famous people to be on my friends list, the best i had was some kid who was really high up on the GH3 leaderboards like top 10 for almost all songs but thats about it haha

I clean my friends list from kids I don’t know, it’s stupid. I used to be the kid saying “OH I have 100 friends, I’m a boss”

I had Rio Ferdinand for a while then he deleted me lolz, he added me after i beat him in a game of FIFA 11, i met him by him visiting the box i was in at old trafford.

I talked to the creatures on Creature Talk but that’s about it.

Haha, weren’t we all.

I have gabe_k bro get at me.

Combat Wombat.

We’re still friends. He used to do Halo 3 Serie’s+Commentaries.

He went away on a trip for a while and I am one of his backup actors.

Myself. :wink:

I was wondering how long until I got that response…

I used to have a Bungie employee added, but that was years ago.

snip3down from Str8 Rippin

and Walshy

I have my self added.

OT: Lol to many to name

Also have tyler the creator added.

I have sgtfrankieboy… :wink: But… yeah, no. I’m forever alone.

Same here. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 20 people on mine. :laughing:

I have this beast added.

I have most the people from Team Tenacity on mine.
TheTeamTenacity’s Channel - YouTube

I had nookie on my old account till it got banned :confused: now I don’t get around to playing much.

I have Tom :smile:

Wait what? You have two diamond badges?