Any Gears of War Judgment Campaign Mods?

I recently beat the campaign on Hardcore mode and I decided to try it on Insane… and well its almost impossible because the friendly AI is pretty stupid. I just want a god mode mod for the solo campaign. If anyone can help me out I’d greatly appreciate it!


Not sure if there is anything as of right now.

i do not think here is any for the game

I could mod your ammo, but that’s pretty much about it. For god mode you’d need a JTAG / RGH at the moment

9999 Frags would be awesome just like in Gears 3 haha.

Does anyone know where I need to edit in Coalesced in order to change what Baird is in the campaign? Say if I wanted to make him a theron?

found this tool… but my game is still comming tomorrow ore tuesday… so i can not test it.


Virusscan: [details=Open Me] [/details] says–< Ikarus Trojan.SuspectCRC, but my norton says its clean…so idk

i dont like that site. is it a virus or something in that catagory cus it did not show a downoadlink or anything =o


original link; Gears Of War Judgement Mod Tool - Xbox 360 Modding Tools - XPG Gaming Community

Dude not impossible at all…Do it yourself bot actually do most of the work and you will get stars also even if they do most of the killing…admit the missions with timers are a challenge

link does not work ???

there we go =] thank u

if the tool works fine, please answer :smile: thx

Have you tested these? do they work? Im not worried about viruses cuz my computers a tank.

i downloaded it… but i can not test it, because my game is not arrived :anguished:

EDIT: looks like the tool works…
go here Gears of War Judgement Mod Tool

thnks Flippo… i wasn’t see that you postet this in the right section

I can confirm that the champain mod tool works and has more ammo then what gears 3 one has. :]

If you want there’s a .GPD that gives you no-clip & god mode

What happens when I use that gpd with almost all achievements unlocked? (I have like 42 or so) and where can I get it

Yes Sir… please :smile:

Well if you guys want a campaign mod tool for god mode post it under suggestions?