Any idea how to patch XGD3 iso's?

when i browse the iso file of COD MW3 to abgx and put it on level 3 then lunch, it says:

\//\//\//\//\/█\//\ \ / /┌─┐┌─┐┌─┐\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\
//\//\//\//\█▀█\█▀█\█▀█/ /\ \ ─┤├─┐│ │//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//
Checking for updates to abgx360.dat…
Server file abgx360.dat no newer than local file - not retrieving

ERROR: C:\Users\John\Documents\Xbox360\codmow3\codmow3.iso isn’t recognized as a
n XBOX 360 ISO or Stealth file!

Press any key to exit . . .

You don’t stealth xgd3. You should be downloading 0800 rips which has all the security in place.

If it’s ripped with an 0800 drive it patches it then, so you would be safe to just burn it.

oww coool!! thanks alot guys!
so it’s safe to be played online or i might get banned?
and all the new games now will be XGD3 release?

You are playing a back up of a game of course you have a chance of getting ban. But for the most part it is safe if you have an ihas124b to burn them.

damn so i need a new burner but what is the difference between ihad124b and the original one that i have?
besides, alll the new games now will be XGD3 release only?

It is a burner for your computer and it allows you to burn the extra 1gb of security

Here is what you need and how to burn :smiley:

all the new games the will be release nowdays are only XGD3 ?

No developers have a choice. It is suggested xgd3

Yep some might not be XDG3 but 99% are and the ones that ant are bad:lol:

okay…i saw a tutorial of someone burning XGD3 with imgburn without buying the ihas burner but msg’s will appear during the burn process that there’s not enough space and stuff…
whats the difference if i burn the game with ihas burner or if i just burn it without and press continue when i see the msg’s on imgburn ??


If you don’t use the burner you wont burn the extra security. So like forza 4 wont burn the hash checks and it will error when you start it.

when you get the new drive it burns all the game if you dont have the new drive it will cut out some things unsafe for xbox live risky

i see…so chris this extra security thing is better to have it when i play online ? and it will lower my chances of getting banned?

Online or not, it doesn’t matter your xbox still collects the same data and send it back to MS.

so you say if i play online or not i might get banned anytime ? even if i don’t get online ?
is it the same chanceas to get banned on online the same to playing without xbox live?

What he’s saying is that if you flash your firmware and play backups of games, the data is still stored in your NAND even if you play offline. Playing offline and then connecting to Xbox LIVE will still send your data to Xbox and you’ll have essentially the same risk of getting banned as if you were playing online.