Any MTN Bikers Around Here? Finally Got/Built Myself A Decent Bike Again!

So with all the free time & boredom lately I really needed something to do and ended up buying a mountain bike for almost nothing about a week ago. I stopped by one of my local bike shops that happened to be open by appointment a few days later looking for some minor parts and was offered some incredible, way below wholesale prices on some display parts, scratch & dent type stuff, customer returns, and lightly used parts bin stuff. I wasn’t looking for any of that stuff…but just couldn’t refuse it at the price offered (of course I negotiated down some more) for the bundle of stuff I ended up taking. This is what I have as of last Friday.

2014 Novara Matador 29"er frame in a medium (I’m 5’9" so perfect for me)
Full Shimano XT drivetrain, 1x11 system, 32t chainring on the front, 11-46 cassette in back
Shimano SLX hydraulic brakes w/ 180MM rotors (I’ve never stopped this quick!)
SR Suntour Epixon 100MM travel air fork w/ remote lockout up front
Like new Maxxis tires & some sweet DMR Deathgrips
Most of the rest are the stock parts from the Novara but this thing rips on street & the trails in my area
I’m at about $600 in total as you see it and I still have all the original stock parts from the way the bike came new. I weighed it earlier and it’s about 29lbs even.

@frank & @Zach I finally found somewhere to put the Infinity sticker I got with the t-shirt I won years ago!

I’m kind of new to the biking thing again, but was a big MTN & BMX guy over the years, well my earlier days. So I know how to work on a bike and luckily have most of the tools to do so on hand.

If any of you guys are into mountain biking or biking in general feel free to chime in and post pics of yours if you want to.

Here’s a few pics of mine. I’ve only had it about a week total now but I’ve put about 50 miles on it and it has many more scrapes and dings than I got it with. Oh, and my calves are sore as hell and I did dump it a few times in some mud yesterday. Worth it!


I’m not much into biking myself (I prefer hiking and walking nature trails, more slow-paced I guess, lol). But even I can tell that is one :star2: COOL :dizzy: bike, I hope you enjoy it for many rides, adventures, and miles to come! :mountain_biking_man:t2:

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I don’t know much about bikes, but it looks awesome! Especially with that sticker :smile: Glad you’re loving it.

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