Any new games?

I’m not necessarily a new user but I’m about to buy Diamond so I can mod the 3 or 4 games I want to that Horizon has…
But I’m curious as to whether or not I should get the year’s worth or the month’s worth, I’ve owned this for maybe half a year now and I haven’t seen hardly any games be added, save for maybe five, now I’m no modder and I’m glad these guys are doing what they’re doing but if you can mod borderlands 1, why not 2? Why so few games?.. If in an entire year Im only going to be able to mod ten games?.. I’m skeptical about buying this at all… The only reason being that even the remotely good games are hidden behind Diamond…maybe if you SHOW me what I COULD be doing and say I can only do it with Diamond, then I’d be more drawn into buying it but leaving me to hope that I don’t waste my money by the end of the day is just mean…
I am posting this in a forum to attempt to start a discussion over what the people want, I know you guys are probably working your assets off but there really isn’t that much content in Horizon, spare the probably amazing account modifications

Please add more games, <3 you guys

Your hopefully loyal customer, Jason

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