Any one know of a lot of tech companies?

Any one know of a tech company with the CEO or presidents name starting with letter M?

this is assignment i have, “For this assignment, please choose a technological leader - past or current - of an organization. The leader may be a CEO or CIO or founder of a technologically-oriented organization, or the leader may be the CIO or technological leader at a non-technological organization.
In order to choose your leader, select a leader whose last name begins with the same letter as your own last name”


Masayuki Matsu****a is the vice chairman of Panasonic. Don’t know if that qualifies for what you’re looking for though.

Edit, it would blur out his last name. It’s Matsu-sh-i-ta.

Yahoo, Marissa Mayer

Mark Zuckerberg? Don’t know if that counts?

Elon Musk. Tesla CEO

Mark Zuckerberg

its last name.