Any pages with all games that can be burnt?

Hey guys! I’ve seen some threads where you can download a game and burn it! But that was quite a while back anyways I need someone to help me find a page like that. (Can be any forum website)

You can download and burn any game. Are your referring to DRM free games?

No I mean I trying to fine spider-man web of shadows xbox 360 for my little brother and I want to burn it.

Have you looked on xbox360iso? Do you have a flashed console? If not then downloading and burning it will do you no good.

Yes I have a flashed console What section do I find the burnable games at?

Edit: I think I found web of shadows!

Edit: It’s always a site that requires you to buy membership help!

EDIT; spider-man web of shadows IS A PS2 Game:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

You will need a burner capable of burning games
a dual layer disk
know how to test the file and burn it.

Most people download with torrents these days (so i here)
torrents are sometimes illegal, but not always so its fine to talk about them :smile:

So if you wanted a game torrents

WE would google gametorrents