Any Story Mode Money Glitches for GTA5?

The most recent one I found was a Stock Market glitch with LifeInvader stocks. I have attempted this one many times and have no success. I’m assuming it’s been patched and I also read in a YouTube description that it only works with a HardCopy of the game, and if this is true then it won’t work for me as I own a digital copy. (This still sounds odd to me though :confused:)

Any others I could try?

Platform: Xbox One

to do that glitch it does need to be a hardcopy disc version you need to remove the patches.
go offline

  1. Select gta v options on home page
  2. Goto manage game
  3. Select delete/remove all game data
  4. Reinstall offline
  5. play offline only (you can’t be online while you install or play as it automaticly downloads the latest patch for gta V).

Do this after the Life Invader assasination mission is complete and only works up untill a certain point not sure exactly when:

  1. Open you phone and go to the web.
  2. Go to Money and Finances at the top.
  3. Go to the LCN market.
  4. Go to the marketplace tab.
  5. Sort by the last column… it’s % loss or something.
  6. The most losery stock (usually in the top 3) should be life invader.
  7. Select it.
  8. Buy as much as you can.
  9. Back all the way out to the browser and choose LCN Stock Market again.
  10. Go to My Portfolio.
  11. Scroll down and select the Life Invader Stock.
  12. Choose SELL.
  13. Choose Sell All, (sell all must be done from you portfolio only).
  14. Repeat.

I did this about a month ago and currently have 2 billion gta$ on all charcters offline game, they still need to have stock market available online and maybe casinos.

I know how to do the glitch but it won’t work for me because I own a digital copy. Thanks anyway.