Any thoughts on possibility of DayZ StandAlone on the Xbox 360?

What do you guys think the possibility of DayZ StandAlone coming to the Xbox 360?, considering the information we already have on the subject. Well, that’s it. I know, short thread right? I know what else to say. I’ve been researching it for about a few months now but, I guess only time will tell, I just want some kind of approximation of some sort. If I could give Dean “Rocket” Hall, the lead developer of DayZ, a piece of advice. He needs to put it on previous generation consoles. Considering that the original mod for Arma II has still has a few hundred-thousand people playing it, and that’s not even counting the standalone version of the game, there would be TONS of sales, maybe not GTA V proportion sales, but still alot. There’s been talk of it only being on PS4 because of Microsoft charging money from developers to patch the game while Sony had never done it, but Microsoft recently stopped. Also, if it was released for the previous generation consoles, Rocket would get so, so many sales, for reference, there were over 800,000 people playing the mod at once back in 2012 when it was released, some triple-A titles don’t even get that. Think of all the people who haven’t jumped on the next gen band-wagon. I believe the Xbox 360 and PS3 could handle the standalone, easily clocking 30 FPS at max textures, I think… Anyway, considering this do you think it could happen?

I wish it would come out for current gen. I’m not getting an X1/PS4 for a long time, and my PC caught on fire. I’ve never played Arma II or the standalone, just watched lots of videos on youtube. Game looks awesome, would love to tie people up and feed them rotten bananas all day.

Frankie has the best videos imo, who do you watch?

I watch Frankie mostly, he’s the best when it comes to DayZ.

Watch VectorBunny also.

You should watch mine. Jk but I’m sure they said they wanted to see how well it did in pc first. With the amount of hacks, glitches and bugs though I wouldn’t expect if out for another few years.

Would be great on a console though


That’s what I was going to say as well. Guys like Frankie don’t even play the standalone version anymore when it’s one of the main attractions to his channel. All the glitches bugs and lack of content from the Dayz Arma II mod reverted him back. They need a couple huge updates to fix some problems in the standalone but then again they can always say it’s in alpha and do whatever they want.

Yeah, Dean Hall needs to get his act together, nice avatar BTW

Frankiein1080p or something? I tried watching a RP video that was like 45min long and got bored of watching after 10 minutes.
I don’t really know who to watch, I’ve seen a lot of Mr. Moon & Syndicate videos

Yeah, it’s FRANKIEonPCin1080p. I watch Syndicate too.