Any way to obtain Clay on Xbox 360 Minecraft?

Well on my world I am trying to make a brick pathway but I need clay and don’t know how to get clay.
Any ways?

During Beta 1.6, in newly generated chunks clay blocks were nearly nonexistent. To be specific, clay only generated when the x and z coordinates were the same, severely limiting the amount of clay on the map. This was fixed in Beta 1.7.[1]

Condsidering the Xbox verison is the equivilant of PC 1.6 this is probably the case.

Is it not in the sea like on the pc version?

Or it’s sometimes in small water pools in forests.

Well that sucks. Then why have it in the Crafting Table Mojang >.>

Because you can still find it but its just hard.

Clay used to be insanely hard to find. Have fun.

Clay is not hard to find anymore.

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