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Anyone a modder for gta 5 (xbox360)

im looking for a modder on gta 5 for money because my money gets removes randomly gt party bear123 send message saying you saw my topic so i know where you came from or if you want to do hiests to earn money

You will get banned within a week if you do that. They added a lot of extra checks after it became popular.

added checks to what

To GTA 5… If you get modded money you are almost guaranteed to get suspended.

even on 360?

Yes that is the only console you can mod money on.

iv had money droped for me and ive not bean suspended in the past

That is the past. They tried fixing the economy which is why they cracked down on modding.

I think that’s bs because its imposible to earn a decent amount of money

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Not really. If you just play the game all the new additions it isn’t hard to make money.

the problem is I cannot find a decent heist lobby and when I do every one leaves in the middle wile normal jobs pay awful like seriously $1400 on most jobs

Use horizon to mod gta5 and max out skills, money abd unlock all the special vehicles.

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