Anyone else gone off modding?

I’m really considering getting shot of my JTAG now and 360. When I first got my JTAG, I was thrilled and was modding games all day long and if I’m honest, I have always cheated on games since the GameShark Cheat Cartridge on PS1. Overtime, I got more deeper into modding from a small “Unlimited Health” cheat button combo, to games saves, then to hardware, then now on multiplayer games.

The novelty seems to have worn off though. I haven’t modded a multiplayer stat on my own account since MW3, after that I just got to max level, unlocked items and weapons etc. all legitimately then just stopped :expressionless: I just couldn’t be bothered to play any multiplayer game after I have achieved certain results. I know some can play multiplayer games continuously but the only game I have ever been able to do that with is the Battlefield series but like said, once I unlocked everything I wanted too I didn’t care for much else. I have not gone off video games, I still enjoy those just not so much for modding anymore or even multiplayer.

Anyone relate to my experience or have had similar feelings?

Yeah I went off it a while ago. Probably because of all the accounts I got banned lol I tried to never use my main one. And stupidly used it for proof on a CoD recovery on Ghosts. I was really gutted that so many years went down the drain. I got rid of my RGH because it wasn’t get used. Now I kinda want another just to have in my games room. I got rid of my Xbox too and all the games to my brother.

Now I have a PS4, Xbox One and a PC I don’t mod anything at all. I’m just waiting for a game like The Witcher 3 to come out so I get really into gaming again as I’m kinda bored. I just don’t think we get the quality of games we used to get.

I really understand you there! It’s great having all this new power and realistic graphics and movement… But I really feel the length of games have taken a nose dive because of it. I don’t know if that was your line of thought, but that’s what my take is on it.

Don’t think I have modded anything for about 4 years now.

Only play PC these days.

I never fully got into PC Gaming, although there are some games I would really like try. The only genre of games on a PC that interest me, are games like “Prison Architect” and “Red Alert 2”. Sim City was good!

H1Z1 and DayZ is what I play mostly now.

League master race.

I miss just changing values in HxD and hoping for the best.
Open -> Open .gpd -> extract .con file -> modifiy stats -> reinject into gpd, then profile -> start xbox and test.

yeah the modding community has gone down hill since Micro$oft decided they would ban everyone for modding
i used to have a modded Xbox (the original) harddrive increased modded dash 100’s of games on it along with emulators the works (still have that one) then went to 360 and modded the saves only after i found the 360 m odding community and now on the one but no save modding available yet which is a shame, the only thing i use modding for now is to mod the saves for max cash or ability points ect.