Anyone else had same issue as me? i need help:(:(

Everytime I try to save and r&r it says “an error occurred” bla bla “the profile for the user is a temporary profile” I’ve done everything I can think of and it still wont work, it wont do it at all (its not game specific, its all of them)

Hmm it seems like there is a problem with your profile that you are using. Could you screenshot what your profile looks like in Horizon for I could look more into this problem?

What would I be screenshotting specifically?

Screenshot the error you get, maybe the profile corrupted that you are using that you moved to your USB. You can try deleting the profile off your USB and also your Hard Drive and re-downloading the same profile and try modding the games again.

apparently im ******ed cos I can't even paste the screenshots. But anyway Ive tried that and it didn't work, it tells me my profile is temporary every time

Okay, do you want me to check into the problem through teamviewer, it would allow me to take control of your computer and help you fix the problem. It is entirely safe the program allows you to stop me at anytime, and also allow you to take control over me at anytime.

Teamviewer Download Link

Yeah awesome man, I’ll pm you when I’m sorted, about 2 hours from now okay?

I’m sorted and ready to let you in, my id is = 831 027 648
Password is =3519

I would reset your password and delete that reply, because now anyone can take control of your computer.

Pm me when you’re ready, I may have just changed the password, if you delete a couple of messages I will inbox you the password