Anyone else having problems with Live

so as title says anyone else having problems seems like i can’t stay in a COD match and it keeps kicking me from Destiny and a few others??

Lizard Squad my boy!!!

Edit: Cant play Battlefield as well.

Edit 2: Playing some Titanfall, though.

ya jumped on some GTA on X1 i also have people saying PSN is down also or having trouble

Destiny apparently has been having troubles for the last 8 hours (as of the time of this post):

We are actively investigating issues impacting players’ ability to sign in to Destiny on all platforms. Until resolved, players may experience disconnects or be unable to sign in.
8h 9m ago

XBL as a whole seems fine on my end.
Edit: I also see people playing Destiny, and it says they are doing raids with others in strikes.

Is Xbox Live working fine now ?

Seems like it.
I’ve been online in a party chat for a while now without any problems.

I don’t advise following Lizard Squad, but here’s their Twitter:
And this is FinestSquad, the ones trying to help fight them:

Just so you’re up to date.

Having problems signing in, great…

Dont even bother trying to call XCS, they have over a 3 hour hold time just to speak to someone.

Are you having problems as well? It says I have “High packet loss”, whatever that means…

I’m gettin the same issue can’t log in because of it, Merry Christmas btw

I think the reason some people are down and not other is (and only if its TLS causing the problems)they can only hit one node at a time (basicly a big router shooting a signal to a computer) a router being a xbox server and the computers being the different cities on the node. they cant “DDOS” every cities easily but they can hit nodes hard. TLS is a pathetic joke of a “hacker group”.

Merry Christmas bro, I was downloading GTA 5. But obviously I can’t now.

I’m trying too. It downloads for short periods of times then stops for a while, and the cycle repeats, lol.
****in’ Lizard Squad man.

I just wanna log in and get my Christmas present on gta online :anguished:

High pocket loss. Merry Christmas to all.

Seriously though, these guys are getting real annoying. Microsoft and Sony need to step up their game. Hell the lizards even said they were going to take Xbox live and PSN down on Christmas day. So you’d think that would put up a red flag to Microsoft and Sony to heighten their security, nope…

Yeah I am having problems as well. I signed out for a minute, and tried signing back in and then it said I couldnt sign in. Gave me an error code as well.

I can’t even sign into now, ridiculous.

Guess I’m leaving mine on then aha.