Anyone from XboxMB still here?

It’s been awhile, what’s up?

To everyone else, hello.

I was looking through my old topics and replies from '11-'12 LMAO oh how different things are now.

Im kinda the new guy here , but any how hows it going or been ?
My site i was on for 360 n stuff closed so i had to find a new home and new pc for me !
The spiders have the 360 now.

I’m here

Travis is also. You probably know him as chuck testa or totallytrav.

Yeah I used to be a member of the good 'ol GameTuts (Modio) forums. Joined them back in '09 but they’ve shut down since then. RIP.

I’m just chillin, adulting. I miss the days back around the time MW2 came out. I was younger, no responsibilities, less stress. 23 now. Got my own place and starting a career as a Comcast technician.

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Ayyyye yessir, I remember. What’s good!

Yeah, I am still here. I joined probably about a couple of months before XboxMB changed its name to HorizonMB.

I actually joined when it was xboxmb but was never active till now. 2012

Same, didnt post before it was HorizonMB. Didnt get the forum badge for XboxMB feelsbadman

I joined in Jan 2013 when it was still XboxMB. I think it changed to HorizonMB shortly after. I’m not as active as I used to be but still stop by often and will continue to.

I just checked and I don’t have the XboxMB badge either, but I know I used to post back then.

Yes, you do. HorizonMB. It is the very last 1

I thought @MrPrecise was saying there was a XboxMB badge as well. I should’ve know better. I would of had it. I know I was posting back then because I was always pissing you off. How could I forget those memories? The good ol days that aren’t even that old.

The good old days…

Weird to think it’s been 8 years, I still remember the 1 year anniversary of XboxMB like it was yesterday.

Im pretty sure ive seen it. But on the old timers in this thread ive just seen the Horizon360 badge. The XboxMB badge was a thing unless Frank removed it.

Nope, they are all gone… Why do you ask?

I recognize a few names, feeling very nostalgic at the moment.

Seems not much as changed in the 360/Horizon world


Yep… Still around. Ain’t going anywhere. Lol. Love this place. Member since 2011.