Anyone get a iPhone 6 or 6+ today?

I did! A Space Grey iPhone 6 64GB!

Couldn’t justify getting a Plus at the price and thought it’d be too big. Saw it in person at the store and oh man is it ever nice.

I can upgrade my phone. I don’t like the Apple OS or how small the screen is. But I really don’t know what phone to get. I wanted the LG G3 but EE don’t supply it

Since you’re an iphone user, let me ask. What is so good about the iPhone that an “Ifruit” was even created. I’m not a fan boy of any phones, teams, games, consoles, none of that. Just curious.

The screen is just as large as the note 4.

I have a 6+ 16gb in space gray which got shipped today and have 2 6’s sitting next to me.

how much of storage can you actually use? since they ship with ios 8 right? and seeing as that is almost 6gb -_-

11/16 is free

Yeah I know the 6+ is. I don’t know if I should look into getting one or not. I want something different from the galaxy.

Go to an apple store or carrier store and check it out. I’m really considering trading my 6+ for a 6 as it is plenty big.

Nearest store to me is over 100 miles away. That’s why I have trouble choosing phones. I can only go off other people opinions

I have an upgrade due soon, and for once this is on my list. Simply because they finally decided to up the screen size, which I think was much needed. If I do get one, ill be going for the 6+ 64gb version in space grey to mach my ipad air/mini (They were gifts lol).

Picked up the same one this morning! I absolutely love it. Can’t wait till apps start optimizing for the bigger screen though.

The line was insane, thankfully I preordered and only had to wait behind two people.

Oddly enough the Apple guy was like “what time did you preorder it?” I was like uhh I woke up around 11am and just did it.

I’m waiting on the 6s because I just recently got my 5s

I got the 6+ in Space Grey 64GB, but it’s backordered for T-mobile… Even when I preordered it on the 12th.

I just ordered the HTC One (M8). Couldn’t justify paying over £600 or £120 upfront then £60 a month for a phone.

I didn’t even preorder mine. Just walked into my cairier’s local store and got one.

Phone is 500$ on 2 year contract and they want 85$/month for gb so lol no thanks.

$500 for which model? In the US they start at $200 and go to $500 for the 6+ 128gb.

489.99$ for iPhone 6 plus 64gb lol 2 year contract.

Maybe you should move out of the igloo

Who pays 800-1000 for overpriced phone