Anyone getting disconnected?

since this latest update I’ve been getting kicked every few minutes. Lost out on the nightfall twice on countdown and three times just before we killed the nexus. Tried the raid just there but kept getting disconnected.

Any ideas on how to fix it or is it just bungie servers?

I got disconnected as soon as I killed him…

Try resetting modem//router and hard resetting the console, its what fixed the issues with me before the update, so far no issues…but i won’t hold my breath I posted an article here for anyone wishing to read it.

Yeah my bad, didn’t see it until after I posted. I’ve gone off so I’m hoping it will be fixed tomorrow

Its ok. If it doesnt get fixed soon, I will be deleting destiny. And that will save me some space for Halo: TMCC.

I had to delete dead rising to fit in halo. Can’t wait to play it.


  • Added Monkey error to prevent Guardians from playing for more than 5 minutes at a time. This is not how we envisioned Destiny to be played. Become legend.

All the friends i had who kept getting booted did hard reset and didnt have a problem after. Unless you leave and come back you will prob have to hard reset again when resuming after break… Bungie fixes nothing but screws all slowly little by little…