Anyone going to the midnight release for Destiny?

Uhh I have school, work, and practice so I will probably be tired to go, but Best Buy will have food, Destiny gear like shirts and wristbands, and more at the midnight release…

LMK if y’all want a Diamond giveaway that ends exactly on the release of destiny :wink:

NO, because there is no bestbuy in my country :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep on my xbox one ! :wink:

Nah I got dat 21st century technology pre purchase going on.

I am getting the digital version.

At midnight I will be snoozing.

I’m sure all non Diamond members would love a month giveaway.

Nope. My girlfriend preordered two copies through amazon. Only midnight release I went to was for Reach.

We would love a diamond giveaway!

Don’t need to.

Already have the Digital Deluxe edition pre-loaded.

Everything’s digital now, haha…I’ll start the giveaway tomorrow :smile:

i hear something about destiny only will be allowed play with gold.

I’ll be working in the store at the midnight release :anguished: Not being able to rush home and play it.

No bc I ordered from Amazon. Release day delivery and I’m working 8AM - Noon Tuesday. I’ll play once I get home, the game should be waiting for me. Should be delivering by 3 the latest if not

Well is is an online only game.

yeah but in Titanfall you can play with 48hrs codes and 7 days codes, will be the same for destiny? i hope…

Even though I won’t be getting the game, yet, I will probably be going to the midnight release with a friend to get his copy. In the mean time, will get some free gear (ex: poster) via the midnight release so I can’t get too down in the dumps.

Hope everyone has a safe night, if going!

Nah, I’m going to do the smart thing and go after midnight release. I always seem to get stuck between a sweaty fat guy and a guy who constantly smokes when I decide to go to midnight releases. Never again.

Hahaha! I’ve never been to a midnight release, and doubt it will be packed…so I will go around 11:30

Online only…online only. I don’t think that Borderlands was an online only game. I’m sick of these Live-only games. That reminds me of Halo: Reach where I couldn’t play on a map that I bought because I didn’t have live.

Yep. I always set up my tv/xbox in the car and play whatever game it is thats coming out. Ill have my wifi hotspot on and be playing away ******g everyone off!

WOOOO im so excited im going tommorow around 10:15 ish to park infron of the gamestop and just wait in my car and when I see people omming up ill get out and go. Its gonna be a LONG day tommorow!!