Anyone got a Division Beta Code?

Wanting to play with friends but I still haven’t received my code :frowning:
If anyone could help <3

Here is why you may not get into the beta. Sorry bro.

"Due to the unprecedented demand for access to The Division Closed Beta, we can no longer guarantee access. If you have already pre-ordered The Division and have yet to receive your key, we’re working closely with our partners to ensure that you receive it tomorrow when we send out the next batch of keys.

For those of you that have not pre-ordered but are on the waiting list for The Division Beta, please know that we want to get as many people in the Beta as possible. However, space will be severely limited for the rest of the beta testing phase due to high-demand.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience during The Division Closed Beta. We hope you look forward to playing the full game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC when it’s released on March 8.

For the latest updates, follow @thedivisiongame on Twitter."

it’s not even worth it yet, to easy to cheat.