Anyone have any trainers for Tornado Outbreak?

Just wanted to ask if anyone has a trainer for Tornado Outbreak that will work for Horizon.

There are some trainers out there for the game but you would need a Jtag/RGH modified console to use them. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any save editors for it.

Would it be possible to create a save editor for Tornado Outbreak?



Unfortunately it’s not going to happen here as part of Horizon. A save editor could be created, but finding someone to do it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. The days of 360 are pretty much dead now and that wasn’t a popular game to begin with so that’s why there was never one made for it.

You could try hex editing your saves to see if you can achieve what you’d like to gain by using a trainer or save editor. Hex editing can be a pain in the butt, but I’ve hex edited saves for a handful of games that were fairly easy to figure out what values to adjust. There’s plenty of tutorials out there if you feel like looking into hex editing.

Good luck… and I just let loose a tiny tornado for ya. Don’t ask where it came from please.

I tried hex editing a few things, but Tornado Outbreak says that the save is either damaged or corrupted. Any tips?