Anyone having problems getting online?

pretty much what the title says. I know heists is just out, but youd think they would have prepared for this.

It’s gta when do there severs work lmao but yea there down for me too

Edit: They work for me now i went to a invite only lobby

lol it was down for me yesterday before heists were even released. I haven’t tried yet today. Will edit my post if it lets me in

well as of right now for me it says that i am connected to xbox live BUT i cannot see anything having to deal with the marketplace apps i can see my friends when i’m in the xbox guide menu but on the main screen it says i have 0 friends online

Yep, been down for several hours or more here in the UK. It seems to work just fine if I go into an invite-only session with my friends. Perhaps we could get a team of four going here? I’m down for some heists on the Xbox One.

My gamertag is The man 29447. Send me a message if you’re interested.

Am at the last part of the the prison break if you wanna play we would only need 2 more.

I’m on, but will probably get disconnected soon. Seems like a hit and a miss

Sure man. Send me an invite or w/e. Cheers.

We need one more person if anyone is down

You interested in joining? We need one more player.

I’m currently on my fourth attempt at completing a heist. Every time at some point during a game it fails.

yup as of right now i have having trouble connecting to GTA Online here on X1…jeez lol

I’m on 360 so I guess I’m just going to wait until tomorrow when the dust settles. At least the weekly refresh on Destiny is today so I’ll have something to work at.

XBL somewhat back

I just got on and downloaded the update, can’t be bothered to do a heist.

If you’re online, I need one more for the prison break. Send me a message if you want in o IHorney89 o

I’m online. Haven’t been able to connect for the past couple of hours, though.

I’ve just gone off, we couldn’t join in a game together so got pissed off

No worries man, let me know if you’re online again later or tomorrow.

ya i’m having problems with the GTA DLC keep telling my while trying to do a heist that download failed