Anyone know how to disable XBL messages being sent to Games app on Win8.1?

My problem is that I’ll be on Xbox, people will invite me/send me messages and they won’t pop up on my 360, but go to my Win8.1 pc instead. I’ll then get the messages hours later on my 360 after I’ve shut down the pc. This is really frustrating when I’m trying to set up raid groups on LFG sites and I just don’t get peoples invites/messages because they are instead sent to the pc.

Anyone know a way to unlink my gamertag from win8? Or disable messages being sent to PC over Xbox?
Tried googling it without any luck.


If you want to unlink your account with Windows 8 I believe you will have to switch over to a local account. To do that click the start button, put your cursor to the top right, click Settings, click on “Change PC Settings”, choose “Accounts” to the left, and click Disconnect. You will be asked to enter your password. From there you can create a local account, you shouldn’t get any messages from there on. The thing is some apps will require you to use your Microsoft account but you can sign into each app individually I’m pretty sure so that shouldn’t be a problem.

That would be my best guess to get rid of the messages popping up on your PC instead of your Xbox. Hope it all goes well.

Windows 8 doesn’t change the speed that you receive messages.
I’ve had Windows 8 since it was new and it really does not do anything like that.

Could always try deleting and then redownloading your XBL profile, and then also checking your notification settings on your 360.
It sounds like something more is at work, but Windows 8 is not it.

this is happening to me to I go on my xbox and like a couple hours later I get the message

Pretty sure it has to do with Win8 and the games app. I’ve never had this issue pre-windows 8. Instead of getting a notification on the 360, I get it on the PC when the message is sent. The problem is that I can’t accept game invites or listen to voice messages on the games app.

The messages will immediately show up like they’re supposed to, except they’re received on the PC and not xbox. Once I shut down my PC, the messages are finally delivered to the xbox. I don’t understand how it’s my xbox and not the pc.

Considering it’s the Xbox that is delaying the messages it seems more like it’s your Xbox.
Try calling Xbox support then.

Live I’ve said, I have had Win8 since it came out, and never heard or seen anything like that.