Anyone know if they sell contacts that look like these?

these are by far the sickest eyes ever. its a very rare (probably the rarest) color there is and wondering if anyone knows if they make contacts to look like these? idk what color to even type in for it haah

They probably do make contacts that look like these, but it is probably not safe to wear them without a prescription.

a lot of contacts now a days are made to wear without a perscription. but the issue with those is none of them are natural. they’re like cat or vampire or some other stupid crap lol.

You could get surgery to have your eye color changed to this :smile:

Do you need contacts? I wear them and tbh I wouldn’t wear them just to change my eye colour. They are more hassle than you’d think.

Yeah I know what you mean, but every halloween there is always a report on those types of contacts and how dangerous it can be to your eyes if you do not have a prescription for them. You will see them being sold on the black market, but you have to know the risks when wearing them. Some of them can actually lead to temporary damage to your eyes as well as cause permanent blindness. Celebrities like jim Carrey from how the grinch stole christmas yellow eyes and lady gaga with her doe eyed contacts music video had to have a special prescription to be able to wear them for long periods of time.

i have an appointment for my eyes this next week so we’ll see. i want to have an idea of what i want if i do need them

Contacts look so fake lol dont think you will get attention from them…

Googled it and found this site…

btw that picture is fake I see it all the time with different eye colors.

I don’t really understand contacts. I have heterochromia in my eyes, and I wish I had regular eyes.

Yeah they make tinted ones to change eye color but I definitely wouldn’t wear them all the time. You’d look like an idiot in my opinion.

I guess I’ve never really had issues with contacts. I find them many times more appealing than glasses.

They (probably) sell ones like this. Please don’t actually wear them in public though, they make people look stupid. My friend wore them to school one day (red ones) and they looked terrible.

That picture isn’t fake. She and her little sister (I THINK) are the only people in the world that have those colors. As aden said, they are the rarest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also wear contacts but they are usually blue or green .

Oh also I forgot to mention this picture isn’t technically fake and they are not wearing contacts. It’s a picture from National Geographic but there was likely special circumstances or slight editing to make her eyes look like that because generally speaking, human eyes do not create that pigment of blue.

Not that I have had issues. It’s just I need to take mine out every night and put them in again in the morning. They last a month then after six months o have to make another appointment for another six month supply. I would recommend them over glasses though

well i might need them, any reason why you prefer contacts over glasses?

Well for me, I use dailies so I put them in and can’t tell I’m wearing them at all. I also live in Minnesota so entering warm buildings doesn’t cause fog to build on contacts like it does on glasses.

Really depends on your eyes I think because some people have contacts that bother them a ton but that’s why disposable dailies are nice.

Cause as soon as they are in you totally forget about them. I have had contacts for about three years now. Costs about £65 every six months. Where as a good set of glasses could cost upwards of £150. And they can break super easy.

Going swimming is a pain with contacts, I’d say to take them out. And when you forget to take them out at night in the morning they can be really dry.