Anyone Still Hosting?

I’ve noticed most lobbies now are hard to find is anyone hosting a lobby? I just need some cash. You can message me here or on Xbox @ PHARA0H

Thanks in Advance.

I’d say no one is hosting; my buddy has been trying to find a lobby to get some GTA$ and yet nothing.
Best of luck!

I’ve seen a lot of threads via TTG, but it seems as if no one gets invited/GTA$.

ide host for u but need a kv and broke right now sorry

I messaged Instinct about donating to him to start up the lobbies again, but never got a response back sadly.

Just an update Instinct replied back, any further details I receive will be edited into this post.

Lol id host if it hasnt been a couple months since ive done it to lazy to put everything on my rgh atm -_- and risk having all my xboxs banned if thats still a thing.

i need $$$$$$$$$$$ too

I’m hosting tonight my gt nuns with lube

Message me for a invite my gamer tag is nuns with lube

Free right?

I am still just waiting for Instinct to have some free time.

Yep! My next-gen GTA5 is ready but I don’t want to transfer my character until I got some dollars!

* Sings to himself; I need a dollar, dollar. A dollar is what I need! (Hey hey)… *

heyy if ur on gta5 on xbox 360 invite me gt: AYKOAMxSUBZ3RO

Ya guys i would take the chance with joining Instinct recovery he did mine an he gave me $900million and i am not banned and this is weeks after the reset they did back when DNS was big and i am still sitting at $898 million no wipe no ban and i play on 360 and X1 and till this day so i vouch for him if he gets time to do it again

Yeah, I still have an account with $1.5 billion Instinct did for me and it’s been going strong for what seems like a year